XMind is mind mapping and brainstorming software.

User instructions

XMind8 is installed as a module and can be added to your environment with:

$ module load xmind8/b3.7.0

The command to launch the application is xmind, or XMind.

Documentation is available in the application and at the XMind website.


Proprietary commercial software.

Admin notes

They provide a deb file but no easy way to get this working without installing on a target machine. Instead of doing this, I bundled it up in an appimage, using deb2appimage (available itself as an appimage). After some trial and error, I used the following json configuration file:

    "buildinfo": [
        "prerun": [
            "curl -sL -o ~/.cache/deb2appimage/debs/xmind8-linux.deb http://www.xmind.net/xmind/downloads/xmind-8-beta-linux_amd64.deb"
        "name": "xmind8",
        "version": "linux",
        "deps": "",
        "repoarch": "amd64",
        "distrorepo": "Debian",
        "repoversion": "jessie-backports,jessie,jessie",
        "binarypath": "/usr/bin/XMind",
        "desktoppath": null,
        "iconpath": "/usr/share/pixmaps/XMind.png",
        "usewrapper": "true",
        "postrun": [
    "apprunconf": [
        "setpath": "true",
        "setlibpath": "true",
        "setpythonpath": "false",
        "setpythonhome": "false",
        "setpythondontwritebytecode": "false",
        "setxdgdatadirs": "false",
        "setperllib": "false",
        "setgsettingsschemadir": "false",
        "setqtpluginpath": "false",
        "exec": "/usr/lib/xmind/XMind"
    "authors": [
        "type": "Author",
        "author": "XMind",
        "url": "https://xmind.ndet"
        "type": "AppImage Maintainer",
        "author": "Éamonn Murray",
        "url": "http://www.imperial.ac.uk/people/eamonn.murray"

Then the appimage was created with:

./deb2appimage-0.0.3-x86_64.AppImage -j /workspace/emurray/test/xmind8.json -o /workspace/emurray/test

The generated appimage could then be copied to the appropriate modules directory, with symbolic links added pointing “xmind” and “XMind” to it.