Thermo-Calc is a package for performing various thermodynamic calculations.

User instructions

Thermo-Calc is available via the modules system. To add it to your environment run:

$ module load thermo-calc/4.1

The main program can be launched by running



Admin notes

Theresa Davey purchased a network license (99-seats, available to Materials Dept.) and provided the install program.

The instal media is a static executable. Thermo-Calc is installed by running it on the NFS server. Despite the documentation, X is not required—it has a text interface. It is best to select a custom install, as it allows one to have more control over the process and to set the install location.

Thermo-Calc is placed (entirely) in the install location, so I instead created the directory structure:


where pkg contains the Thermo-Calc installation. bin/ is a simple script which executes the installed script of the same name:

cd $TC41_HOME && ./$(basename $0)

ICT host the license server ( I found I needed to set the LSHOST environment variable in the module file, along with despite specifying the license server during the install process. Note that the TC41_HOME environment variable must also be set to /path/to/thermo-calc/thermo-calc-4.1/pkg.