Synergy is a cross platform tool to allow you to share a single mouse and keyboard between several different computers, and also allows you to copy and paste between the computers you are controlling.

User instructions

Version 1.4.16 is installed from the Debian repositories, and can be started by typing synergy in a terminal.

It can be temperamental about interacting with very different versions, so a depending on the version you have installed on your laptop, you may wish to use the more recent version that is available as a module.

To add it to your environment run:

$ module load synergy/1.8.8


GNU General Public License v2.0

Admin notes

It has a number of dependencies which may be a little awkward to satisfy if trying to compile from source. Instead I took the compiled package for Debian Buster from which was then unpacked into the modules hierarchy with dpkg -x synergy*deb ./. This also requires the library This was downloaded from and unpacked to the modules lib directory (the x86_64-linux-gnu part of the unpacked path needs to be removed) so it becomes available when the module is loaded.