Jmol is a free, open source molecule viewer for students, educators, and researchers in chemistry and biochemistry.

User instructions

Add the desired version to your environment using the modules system, e.g.

$ module load jmol/14.20.0

Jmol can then be run using the command ‘jmol’.

Jmol is being actively developed and new stable releases are installed periodically.


GNU Lesser General Public License.

Admin notes

Installation is very easy: just a case of extracting a binary tarball from the Jmol website and creating an appropriate symlink to The symlink must, however, reference the absolute path rather than the relative path as jmol needs to know the location of its installed files. I did:

$ mkdir -p /common/debian/9.1/Desktop/jmol/jmol-14.20.0/bin
$ cd /common/debian/9.1/Desktop/jmol/jmol-14.20.0
$ tar -xf /path/to/Jmol-*binary.tar.gz
$ mv jmol-* src
$ chmod +x src/
$ cd bin
$ ln -s  /common/debian/8.1/desktop/jmol/jmol-14.20.0/src/ jmol