V_Sim visualizes atomic structures such as crystals, grain boundaries and so on (from many file formats, binary or plain text, see the sample page). The rendering is done in 3D with colored sphere to represent the atoms. The user can interact through many functions to choose the view, load densities, draw planes, etc. Moreover V_Sim allows to export the view as image in PNG, SVG or more formats.

User instructions

V_Sim is available via the modules system and only on workstations. To add it to your environment run:

$ module load v_sim/3.7.2

The main program is called v_sim. See the man page for further details. Extensive documentation, a user guide and tutorials are on the V_Sim wesbite.


CeCILL License (free and compatible with the GNU General Public License).

Admin notes

I installed the libopenbabel-dev, libnetcdf-dev, libgtk2.0-dev and intltool packages. The first two are needed for optional features whilst the latter two are strictly needed for compilation. V_Sim is then easy to compile using:

./configure --with-cube --with-xsf --with-openbabel --with-etsf-file-format --prefix=/common/debian/9.1/Desktop/v_sim/v_sim-3.7.2
make && make install