pCloud is a web-based file hosting and synchronisation service, similar to Dropbox.

User instructions

pCloud is not installed on systems by default. The Linux client is available as a standalone application based on electron, which can be downloaded from https://www.pcloud.com/how-to-install-pcloud-drive-linux.html?download=electron-64. You can mark the downloaded file as executable with chmod +x pcloud, and run it from a terminal.

This will mount your cloud drive as remote folder under ~/pClouldDrive, integrate itself with your file manager, and also allows you explicitly sync to any folders you specify.

Note there does seem to be an issue on our system where on exiting the application, it will not successfully unmount ~/pCloudDrive. This is likely connected to home directories being mounted over NFS. This can lead to various error messages when using the file manager. The simplest way to fix this is to reboot your workstation.

I strongly suggest you change its cache folder to something on your workspace (preferences - settings - disk usage - choose cache location) as otherwise it may use up to 5G by default in your home which will count toward your quota.


The pCloud application is proprietary.