Intel Math Kernel Library


The Intel Math Kernel Library is a library of highly optimized, extensively threaded math routines for science, engineering, and financial applications that require maximum performance. Core math functions include BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, sparse solvers, fast fourier transforms, vector maths, and more.

User instructions

The appropriate version can be loaded using the modules system. For instance:

$ module load mkl/2017.4.196

The link line for including MKL depends upon the compiler being used and which parts of the MKL library are required. The best way is to fill out the form on the Intel website: Linking with the Intel compilers can often be done by simply adding the flag -mkl in the link line.

The fftw.h and fftw3.h header files for the FFTW interface to the MKL FFT routines are not on the search path by default to avoid clashes with the FFTW library. The MKL FFTW header files can be included using fftw/fftw.h or fftw/fftw3.h, as appropriate.


Proprietary, although a free community license for MKL can be obtained at the Intel website.

Admin notes

Installed as part of Intel suite. I created a separate module file just for the MKL environment variables to make it easy to use with both the Intel and GCC compilers.