MATLAB is a numerical computing package.

User instructions

MATLAB is installed on rayleigh1 and so is available via the module system:

$ module load matlab/R2017a

The command to run MATLAB is matlab. If MATLAB can, then it will launch a gui interface, otherwise it will use a command-line interface. Note that matlab can be run in batch mode. See here for details.

Documentation is available on the MathWorks website, built-in help and in /common/ubuntu/share/matlab/matlab-*/help.


ICT Software Shop/


Proprietary. Imperial College has a site license. Our subscription is funded by FoNS.

Admin notes

After making a mathworks account and downloading the installer, you need to generate a file installation key by following hte “Activate to Retreive a License File” link. Additionally ICT provided a network.lic with details of the license server.

The installer was downloaded to the builder account. It needs to run graphically, so I followed the following procedure to authorize it after logging into the main server with “ssh -Y”:

xauth extract /tmp/x :10
su -
export DISPLAY=:10.0
chown builder:builder /tmp/x
su - builder
touch .Xauthority
chmod 600 .Xauthority
xauth merge /tmp/x

The destination folder was created with ownership set to the builder account. The install script could then be run, filling in details as requested. Note this downloads quite a large set of files to the Download folder, so ensure there’s at least 8GB free in the storage quota. After installation finishes, the generated license file can be removed and replaced with the supplied network.lic.