CMTH runs its own webserver. The main CMTH website is hosted by ICT’s webservers. The CMTH webserver is called zeeman and hosts research group websites. Anyone with an account on the CMTH and TYC cluster is eligible for an account on the webserver. Please contact Andy Thomas if you would like to have an account.

All the files for the CMTH website are stored at /home/web. All personal home pages are located at /home/web/people/your_user_name. The URL will be http://www.cmth.ph.ic.ac.uk/people/your_user_name.

For security reasons, the actual webserver is isolated from the rest of the CMTH network. However, the /home/web directory is still located on ramsay. The changes you make at /home/web are copied to the webserver every 10 minutes using rsync. Files deleted in /home/web are also deleted on the webserver. Files and directories must be world-readable in order for them to be copied to the webserver—note that this is not necessarily the default permissions setting for your account.

Editing your web pages

You can edit your pages from your own desktop machine and should be able to view them using your favourite browser using ‘Open file...’ rather than ‘Open Web location..’. (As mentioned above, the actual file at the public web location is updated every 10 minutes.)

It is recommended that you make use of relative links rather than absolute ones for all internal references. Omit the ‘http://www.cmth.ph.ic.ac.uk/‘, or equivalent, prefix. If the resulting address begins with a / it is assumed to be relative to the root of the web site; without a / it is relative to the current location. If you don’t do this links will be pointing to the real web site rather than the location you are editing. The potential for confusion is obvious.